What Community Spirit Is!

Community is the activity of a Communal Gathering.

A Communal Gathering is a group of people, who live in the same area, who meet & act together for mutual benefit.

Community Spirit is the combined energy of communal activity.

It is the energy required to power the activity of the community.

When the activity of the community is directed towards survival, community spirit is driven by physical & emotional need.

The emotional need to survive drives community spirit.

In this way, community spirit is evident in times of crisis, such as famine, war or natural disaster.

In contrast, a thriving community is empowered with community spirit when it has a common vision & common values.

Community spirit has the ability of authorised power.

Authority is aligned with choice.

When the choice of the Individuals within a community is aligned, community spirit is enabled.

When the choices of the Individuals are out if alignment, community spirit is not enabled.

Community spirit is the beneficial energy that flows through a community when Individuals come together with a common vision & purpose for the benefit of the community.

Community spirit is an exponential benefit of community power & ability being greater than the sum of the Individuals.