What Common Sense Is?

Common Sense is sense that is common to all.

There are five physical senses that are common to all Human Beings.

What I sense with my physical senses is common to all physical Beings.

There is a common sense agreement that we all see, hear, taste smell & experience touch in the same way.

When I use my physical common senses, I experience the world in the same way as other people.

There are also three intuitive senses that are common to all Human Beings, which are not commonly seen, known or felt.

The common sense of intuition is not commonly used.

Intuition is a super-conscious spiritual sense that is seen, felt or known intuitively.

The spiritual senses of seeing, feeling & knowing are common to all, but unknown to most.

Spiritual common sense requires awareness.

When I am aware of my intuition, it is common sense to use it.

I use my spiritual common sense wisely, by being aware of it.

Instinct is the sub-conscious sense that is common to all living Beings.

I sub-consciously experience the world instinctively and I react accordingly.

I super-consciously experience the world intuitively, and I respond appropriately.

I consciously experience the effect of my world in whatever way I commonly sense it and I cause my experience in whatever way I deem sensible.

It is just common sense.