What A Concept Is!

A Concept is an idea that is conceived.

That which is conceived is given birth to.

That which is given birth to, is given life.

When I conceive a concept, I bring it to life.

When I bring a concept to life, it becomes real.

Reality is a concept that allows the continuous experience of multiple concepts.

New concepts are conceived in life’s continuously expansive reality.

It is the ability to conceive new concepts that allows reality to continuously expand.

My Soul conceived the concept of a Self.

The idea of a Self separate from the Soul, is conceived by the Soul to be experienced by the Self.

The Soul first conceived the Self as an idea, a thought & a concept.

The concept of a physical life, with a separate Self, allows the experience of relative dual reality.

The Soul expands relative to the experience of the Self.

Relative dual reality allows the experience of contrast & choice.

A range of contrast & choice puts colour, sound, taste, smell & touch into the realm of physical existence.

This allows the Soul to experience life through the physical senses of its Self.

Life is a concept of the Soul that is experienced by the Self.

Through the physical senses of the Self, the Soul intuitively senses the experience of life.

By giving life to its Self, the Soul conceived a way, and an infinite possibility of ways, to see, feel & know its Self.

To a separated Self, the Soul is just a concept.

To a connected Soul, the concept of life is absolutely enlightening.