Well-Fare is a measure of how well we are faring or living – our well-being.

We fare well when we follow our True Path.

Our True Path is the path of our Soul because our Soul is always in a state of Faring Well.

Without the ‘well fare’ state of our Soul, we may become dependent on the welfare state of Man.

The Welfare State created by Man has only one ‘L’ and that is what we experience – one ‘ell of a state.

We fare well with our Soul once our earthly dues are paid in full. Our fare is paid for our Spiritual Journey of the Soul.

‘God-faring’ people travel the path of their Soul, living their vision and fulfilling their purpose for this life-time.

A ‘god-fearing’ person is living someone else’s vision and following a false god or idol created by their limiting beliefs and fears.

A god-fearing person will have to depend on the welfare of his fellow man.