We cannot be relaxed and vigilant.

Relaxed and vigilant are the same energy experienced from opposing perspectives.

Being vigilant will stop us being relaxed and will therefore make us tense.

Being vigilant means that we are always tense and ready to act, or react, to what ever we fear threatens us.

Whatever we fear, threatens us and we will become a victim of.

We are vigilant to the victimisation of villains that we fear are out to attack us.

To protect our selves from evil villains, we form vigilante groups with other victims, to attack suspected villains before they can victimise us.

These vigilante groups then become the villains by making victims of their suspected villains.

All ‘armed forces’, including police and security forces, are vigilante groups, or work under the authority of a vigilante group, usually called either ‘central government’ or ‘local authority’.

One who is on a ‘vigil’ never sleeps, but is not awake.