Vanity & Appeasement

Vanity is seeing one’s self as being perfect.

Appeasement is tolerating one’s self as being imperfect.

Vanity is the need for false self-esteem based on the belief that perfect, good looking people are lovable and imperfect or ugly people are unloved.

When we learn to love our self, we are learning to appease all the imperfections that our ego self represents.

Once we have learned to love or appease our imperfections, it becomes easier to love or appease the imperfections of others.

Our path is not to accept the personality and character of our individual imperfections.

Our path is to approve the attributes of our Soul as a reflection in our Self. (We accept what we do, we approve of who we are being.)

It is our path to become who we really are, our true Identity, not to tolerate through appeasement who we are not.

Vanity is seeing our perfection as acceptable.

Appeasement is seeing our imperfection as acceptable.

Approving of who we really are is a feeling of the highest emotion that we can attain.

We attain the approval of our Soul when we attain the attributes of our Soul, instead of being a reflection of the character and the personality of our vain and appeasing Self.