A Value is something that we want and desire because it adds value to our life in a non-material way.

Values include:

Personal standards, which include ethics, morals and principles that are standards of behaviour that are driven by our personal beliefs, opinions and convictions.

Personal emotional needs that we want and desire because they raise our personal feeling of emotional power.

Then there are what is termed in Coaching as True Values or Core Values.

True Values are the actions that we take that have true value and worth to our Self.

True Values are what we truly love to do in our life, once we have overcome the limiting beliefs that create our tolerations in life and drive us to get our emotional needs met.

Our True Values lie beyond our emotional needs and may not be recogniseable or acknowledged as achievable until we have learned the ability to meet our emotional needs consciously.

Our True Values define our mission in Life, as distinct from our Attributes that define our purpose in Life and our Attainments that define our Vision for this Life.

Attributes are the emotional states of Being that we attribute to our Self in each moment of time.

Attainments are the personal qualities that we have, express and emanate to the world.

We define:

  • True Values using a verb or ‘doing’ word that is ‘objective’.
  • Attributes using an adjective or ‘descriptive’ word.
  • Attainments using a noun or ‘subjective’ word.

Our personal standards and beliefs have value because they determine our character.

Our emotional needs have value because they formulate our personality.

Our True Values, Attributes and Attainments are an expression of our True Identity and our True Value that is our Worth, Confidence & Esteem.