Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is ‘being accepting’ of what another is doing.

Unconditional Love is ‘being approving’ of who another is being.

Unconditional Love is ‘being allowing’ of what another wants and has.

Unconditional Love is being accepting, approving and allowing, of others, and being without the emotional need to be accepted, approved or allowed, by others. 

When we are unaccepting and tolerating others, our love is conditional.

When we are angry and disapproving of who others are being, our love is conditional.

When we are frustrated and controlling and not allowing others their freedom of choice, our love is conditional.

When we need approval, acceptance and to be allowed by others, we do not Love our Self unconditionally.

Only once we learn to Love our Self unconditionally can we learn to Love another unconditionally.