Unconditional Love

Our Love for another is conditional on us having some for our self.

When we have no love for our self, we have no love to give another.

Being able to share our love with another is conditional on us both having some.

Our ability to share our love with another is limited by the extent of our love for our self. Whoever’s love is most limited is the limit of the love which may be shared.

Love is conditional relative to the condition of our authority and ability to share it.

Unconditional love requires unconditional authority to allow unlimited ability.

The power of our love is limited by our authority of knowing how to use it wisely.

Unlimited creative ability is conditional on our power and authority being unlimited.

Limiting beliefs limit authority and emotional needs limit our emotional power of love.

Unconditional Love means that there are no limits or boundaries placed upon our love for another.

  • We are unconditionally accepting of whatever they do.
  • Unconditionally approving of whoever they are being.
  • Unconditionally allowing of whatever they have.

Once we become unconditionally accepting, approving and allowing of our Self, we love our Self unconditionally without boundaries or limits and are able to share this unconditional love with another.