Whenever we ‘try’, we have already failed.

We try to solve problems but whenever we find a solution, the problem often returns in a different format.

No matter how hard we try to solve problems, we always seem to encounter more problems.

The harder we try, the more trying our problems become.

When we think that we already have a solution to a problem and try to solve it in the same way as before, we realise that the problem hasn’t actually gone away. We just appear to remedy the symptoms for a short time.

When faced with a recurring problem we are forced to try bigger and better solutions.

Solving problems doesn’t make them go away.

Great problem solvers become great problem creators.

When we see problems as a challenge, we endeavor to meet the challenge.

The greatest challenge in life is to have no problems.

We try to solve problems, we endeavour to meet challenges, yet we only ever succeed when taking our opportunities.

When we try to meet a challenge it becomes a problem.

When we try to take an opportunity it becomes a failed challenge.

Problems are sent to try us.

Challenges are sent to inspire us.

Opportunities are sent to empower us to personally, spiritually, develop and grow.

Our Soul only ever sends us opportunities.