Truth & Light

True Light is the energy of Consciousness.

Visible light is an electro-magnetic wave that illuminates the physical world.

We See the Light of our Reality by consciously experiencing Life through physical existence.

Light is the aspect of Divinity that conveys Knowing & Truth.

Absolute Light is the Absolute Divinity of absolute Truth & Knowing of All That Is.

Relative light in the realm of dual reality is divided by darkness and density (heaviness).

Relative light & dark allows shade and shadow to become grey areas that may be seen as any colour of the rainbow.

Relative light & heavy allows density and force to become possible, as well as the formation of solids, liquids and gases.

Relative love & light allows fear to exist and the possibility of individual truth and personal reality.

Fear (false evidence appearing real as limiting beliefs) is made possible by the existence of relative truth.

Relative truth can be deemed true or false depending on our choice of perspective.

When Absolute Light is divided by polarity, all sorts of dualities, possibilities and truths become evident in our experience of the relative physical and material world of dual reality life.