Trust & Faith

Trust is our belief that other people will act and respond in the way that we want them to.

We trust other people when they consistently act in a way that pleases us.

When other people trust us to do what they want us to do, we are pleasing their arrogance, which is greed.

Arrogant people are greedy for the power over you to please them, and do what they ask, to the standard that they demand and trust that you will deliver.

Arrogant masters demand trust and loyalty from their humble pleasing servants.

Trustworthy people display loyalty to those who are master over their authority and to those to whom they have given away their authority.

Wanting the trust and loyalty of others is to seek power from them and authority over them, which is the superiority of being better than them, which is greed.

Trusting one’s self is behaving in a normal and predictable way that is based on the experience of our past beliefs.

Trust of Self resists personal growth by encouraging security within boundaries that we trust, by adherence to personal standards and beliefs.

Faith is following our own individual, unique and exclusive life path, being accepting of what occurs, approving of who we are, and allowing what we want to manifest.