Truly Selfish

Being Truly Selfish is being like our True Self.

Our True Self is our Soul.

When we are being the attributes of our Soul, we are being Truly Selfish.

We attain True Selfishness by making the choices of our Soul.

The Soul never chooses to be selfish or unselfish, always Truly Selfish.

The ego is our sense of Self that is disconnected from our Soul.

The Self always has a choice and can choose to be selfish or unselfish when making the choices of its ego.

When the ego chooses to be selfish it chooses what the ego thinks it wants, and what the ego thinks is good for itself.

When the ego chooses to be unselfish it chooses what another’s ego wants, because it believes that in doing so it will receive what it thinks it needs itself.

Our Soul always chooses what its True Self has chosen for this lifetime.

Being Truly Selfish is following our Life Path and doing what we truly value, because this is what our Soul has chosen for our Self.