True Values

True Values are a measure of our worth.

What we know is worth doing, is what we truly value to do.

When following our True Values, we are empowered and inspired.

Ordinary values are our standard of personal behaviour that we deem acceptable for our self.

Our values or standards are a reflection of our boundaries, which is the behaviour that we find acceptable from other people.

Our standard values or our value standards are the consensus of our peer group, community or society, and are not a reflection of our True Worth.

Standard values are not what we truly value about our self. They are what other people have taught us to value in our self because they reflect their boundaries, which they impose on us in order to maintain their comfort zone.

Our True Values and our True Worth will remain a mystery until we have consciously overcome our emotional needs.

The dilemma is that we have to connect to our True power to pursue our True Values and we have to pursue our True Values in order to connect to our True Power.

We cannot connect to our True Power and Worth from within the boundaries of our comfort zone.