True & Untrue

What we consider to be true or untrue is our judgement of what is a real or an unreal experience.

What we see as real is already created in the physical world.

What we see as unreal is already created in the spiritual world of our imagination.

Before anything can be, or indeed has been, created in this physical world, it has to first be realised in someone’s imagination.

What we see as true and real we consider to be fact.

What we consider to be not true and unreal, we call fiction.

Science fiction is whatever is not yet true and real in the physical world and cannot yet be scientifically proven.

All science fiction has a high probability of becoming future science fact.

Everything that has ever been created started as a thought, that originated in the imagination of someone.

The real question is:

“Is our Imagination Real”?


“Does our imagination reveal our truth or our untruth”?