Trialism is:

  • An alternative non-dualism to Oneness.
  • The state of being beyond Dualism.

Dualism is a state of living in an energetic world of conflicting opposites.

Trialism is a state of living in an energetic world without opposition and conflict.

Triality is the attainment of overcoming Dual Reality.

We overcome duality when we can see the 3rd Way.

Life is always a ‘Trial’.

In a dual reality world we are judged, blamed, sentenced and often punished for our actions.

In a triune reality world, we have moved beyond judgement and know that our 3rd choice is always Divine.

Our Trial becomes an opportunity.

Trialism upholds the essence of the Holy Trinity.

In a Trialistic World:

  • The Spirit & the Father are united in the Son.
  • Love & Light are united in Life.
  • Happiness & Well-being are united in Expansiveness.
  • Power & Authority are united in Ability.

A Trialistic World is where we attain the ability of an expansive life.