Tolerations & Needs

A toleration is a drain on our emotional power and when we are disconnected from our power, we tolerate or endure life rather than living life.

The energy we drain through tolerations, we need to replenish, thus tolerations create emotional needs.

The more we use our power with authority the more power we connect to. When we use our power without authority, we use our ‘will power’. The will of the id & ego will always encounter resistance and negative intensity. The intensity of the resistance is directly proportional to the degree of toleration and therefore the need.

We need emotional energy to supply our tolerations. Without emotional energy they become intollerable and we become intollerant with anger and frustration.

The need to be accepted is the need to be tolerated by other people. To be with ‘accepting’ people, we are required to be accepting of others ourself. Non-accepting people tolerate each other until the power runs out.

“Out of sight, out of mind” means that we only have to tolerate someone when we are with them.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” means that this person meets our emotional need when we are with them, and when they are absent, we miss them and we need them emotionally.

“Familiarity breeds contempt” means that we are tolerating something about that person and the more time we spend with them the more intollerable and contemptible they become.

The antedote to tolerance and intolerance is Acceptance. When we are in a state of being accepting, we connect to our true power of Love. In a state of toleration we will default to our need for human love, which is a substitute for our real power.