Together in Togetherness

Togetherness is Oneness.

Being together in togetherness is to share Onenes with our partner.

Being at One with the Divine is where we come from. This is our Source but not our destination.

Our destiny is where we are going to in this and future life-times.

It is our destiny to become Divine by experiencing Oneness experientially.

It is not about learning a few lessons and returning to Source. It is about expansive spiritual growth through personal development.

When we connect to the Divine Attributes of who we really are, we can then share them with our partner, once they are also connected to the same Divine Attributes.

When we are both sharing the same attainment together, we are being a divine reflection of each other and there is no longer any separation.

We experience the Divine Attributes of Oneness with our Soul, but this experience is exponentially greater when shared with our spiritual partner.

When we both share Togetherness together, our power, authority and ability becomes potentially a higher magnitude of force.

A single lone voice in the wilderness has less clarity than a partnership that is together in togetherness sharing the unity of Oneness.