Together in Togetherness

When two people are together they share the same physical space. They connect physically.

When two people are in togetherness they share the same time and reality. They are mentally and emotionally connected.

When together in togetherness we share the same time, space and reality and connect emotionally, mentally and physically.

When we connect physically, mentally and emotionally, we share a spiritual partnership.

When together in separateness, we are co-dependently sharing the same space but leading our own lives (different realities), going in separate directions in our own time.

When separate in separateness, we are independent in aloneness and in a separation or divorced from any partnership.

When separate in togetherness, we are physically parted from our partner but still mentally and emotionally as One.

 Spiritual Oneness is when two partners are exclusively-connected to each other in all aspects of their Beingness.

To-get-her is to get or see your partner as they really are. When we know, see and feel who our partner really is, they have become a divine reflection of who we really are.

Like is drawn unto itself. True Attraction is being drawn together in togetherness as all opposites, divisions and separations are overcome enabling the attainment of Divine Oneness.