"To Be or not to Be"

“To Be or not to Be” that is the question.

To Be or to Do, that is our choice.

Our Inner Coach is continuously bringing us the opportunities to be who we have chosen to be.

Whatever we choose to do is of benefit to the Self in this physical world. It is of no importance to the Soul, other than to give us the opportunity to be who we are choosing to be.

When we return to the absolute world of Spirit, we take with us our attributes (who we have learned to be) and our attainments (what we know that we have learned). We leave behind our physical skills that are use-less in a non-physical world.

When we are doing what we love to do, we are being who we love to be.

When we are not being who we love to be, we will not be doing what we love to do and we will not be doing what we are doing with love.

We can choose to do what we love to do, alternatively, we can choose to love whatever we are doing, and then we will be doing what we love to do.

To love what we do, we are required to do it with authority, which means that we choose it and want it.

When we want something and choose it without resistance, we connect to our power through the authority of our choice. When we choose what we don’t really want, we are not authorised or empowered to enjoy it.