Time, Space & Reality

Love is not tested by time, reality is tested by time.

Love endures, and love endures the false reality that is tested over time.

False realities (fears) cause resistance to the flow of Love over time.

Love & Space are infinite not eternal.

Light & Time are eternal not infinite.

Life & Reality are continuous until we change it.

Time is not a great healer. The only healer is Love.

Over time our reality is tested and our emotional needs are met in different ways. Our emotional needs are our need for Love, not love itself.

The test of Love is Space. Space is the apparent distance between couples who share their love or emotional need for love created by their separation from the Source of Love.

True Love has infinite Space yet no distance. Distance creates emotional need that appears to diminish Love.

Love like Space has no boundaries or limitations.

Distance allows boundaries to be put in place that limit our connection to the flow of Love.

With Light, Love just is our Reality in Life through the infinity of Space and the eternity of Time.