Time & Money

Money & time are similar energies.

Money gives us perceived power and time allows us the authority to use it.

We can spend money or save money, according to the gender of our choice.

We can spend time or save time, in accord with the polarity of our choice.

We can use money frugaly or we can waste money extravagantly, as we can use time positively or waste time in negativite pursuits.

Whether we spend (expend) our energy or save our energy, use our energy or waste our energy, is as always our choice.

Whether we spend or save, use or waste, we are stuck in the duality of the gender & polarity of our energy.

We seek more money and more time by regulating the intensity of our life.

As we chase more money we expend more time. Making money is time consuming.

As we chase more time we expend more money. Making time consumes money.

When “Time is Money” life is at its most Intensive.

The Intensity of our energy is the product of its gender and polarity.

We find a balance between the duality of time & money when we allow both to ‘flow’ in our Life.