Three Prime Attainments

There are 3 prime attainments of Conscious-Awareness that give us the competence, capacity and capability to create our own Life & Reality, within our own Time & Space of Love & Light.

1. Exclusively – Connected is knowing our own authority and Life Path.

Exclusive means: I have faith in my own beliefs.

Connected means: I hear my Inner Messages.

2. Sensitively-Detached is being empowered and feeling our highest emotion.

Sensitive means: I am aware of my energy and the energy of others.

Detached means: I am without emotional needs or attachments and transparent to the needs of others.

3. Emotionally-Rational is seeing the genius of my intuitive, creative, imagination.

Emotional means: I feel my inspiration and realise my power.

Rational means: I know my revelations and my manifest authority.

My Connected, Sensitive and Emotional female energy is in total harmony and accord with my Exclusive, Detached and Rational male energy.

My disconnected, insensitive, unemotional, inclusive, attached and irrational aspects of my self have all been overcome.

My polarity is completely positive and my gender is united with a totally balanced intensity.