Three False Gods

1. Money is used to measure our value and worth.

Money is the currency of material wealth. The more money that we have, the more material possessions that we can obtain and own.

We believe that other people value our material wealth and therefore value us.

2. Knowledge is used to measure how confident we are.

We believe that the more knowledgeable that we are the more other people will confide in us for advice and trust us with their confidential matters.

The more confident we are the more people will believe that we are knowledgeable.

3. Status is used to measure our esteem.

The higher our status in society, the higher we believe that other people will hold us in esteem.

The higher we are held in esteem by others, the more power and influence we believe that we have over other people.

Our true Power, Authority and Ability comes from our Soul, within our Self, not from other people.