Our Sub-conscious thoughts drive us to get our needs met and are instinctively designed to keep us safe, comfortable and alive.

Our Conscious thoughts search our memory for previous experiences and outcomes in order to rationally decide logical solutions to our problems.

Our Super-conscious thoughts are inspired revelations and insights from the genius of our intuitive imagination.

Our sub-conscious thoughts tell us what to do to survive.

Our conscious thoughts tell us what to do to be most comfortable.

Our super-conscious thoughts direct us towards personal spiritual development and the growth of a better future with Happiness & Well-being.

Thoughts that come from the core of our Being show us the way that we ought to be taking.

What “thou-ought” to be, do and have are the thoughts that are sponsored by our Inner Coach or Soul.

What we ‘should be’, ‘must do’, or ‘have to have’, are all thoughts of our sub-conscious ‘id’.

Our ‘id’ is the part of our ‘identity’ that is disconnected from our Soul or ‘entity’.

When we are lost, confused and frustrated, we do not know which consciousness to listen to, and we often do nothing.

When doing nothing or ‘n’ought’ there is no ‘ought-to’. 

When we do nought, we always get nothing or more of the same that we do not want, because we miss or deny what ‘thou ought’ to know.