Thinking Outside of the Box

Rational thinkers limit their thinking to logical, rational reasoning.

Reasonable, rational logic becomes the boundary of the ‘box’ in which our thinking is contained.

Rational thinkers are unemotional and disconnected from their Higher Mind and the Universal Consciousness.

The Unconscious Universal Mind travels on waves of emotional energy.

When we disconnect emotionally, we are unable to communicate spiritually outside of our box.

Inspiration and Imagination require a sensitive, emotional connection to our Higher Consciousness in order to become active.

When we believe that Intuition is irrational, we disconnect from our Wise Teacher and Inner Coach.

Our Spiritual Senses can only become activated when we combine both our Rational (IQ) and our Emotional (EQ) Intelligence.

Our physical senses define the physical boundaries of the world in which we have become contained.

Our Spiritual Senses of Seeing, Knowing and Feeling are required for thinking outside of the Box.

“The Instructions for thinking outside of the box are printed on the outside of the box”.