The Yellow Brick Road

The Yellow Brick Road is a metaphor for our Life Path.

Our Life Path is the Journey that our Soul and our Self have agreed to travel in this life-time.

All Life-paths are unique and exclusive to each and every individual.

Our Vision for our Life illuminates the Path along which we have chosen to travel.

We all see our Life Path in our own unique and individual way.

It may appear to be:

  • A Roller-coaster ride of intense highs and lows.
  • A Waltzer ride that speeds up and down and goes round in circles.
  • A Merry-go-round of Joy & Sunshine.
  • A Roundabout that puts us in an eternal spin.
  • A Treadmill that we can’t get off.
  • A Railway line with pre-determined destinations.
  • A free and easy ride on a Harley Davidson.
  • A World Cruise on a luxury Liner.
  • A circum-navigation of the world in a one-man yacht.
  • A Summer’s ramble over meadows of wild flowers.
  • A Winter’s trek across an Arctic Wasteland.
  • A Mountain that needs to be climbed.
  • An arid crawl through a parched Desert.
  • A series of Peaks that need to be conquered.
  • A white-water rapid ride in an inflatable dinghy.
  • An endless descent to the depths of the Sea.

Irrespective of how our Journey appears, it is not about when, why or  where we are going, how we are going to get there or what we have to do.

Our Yellow Brick Road is our opportunity in Life to experience, explore and discover “Who We Are”.

What we choose to do and how we choose to do it is the vehicle through which we can decide who we choose to Be.

It is who we choose to Be on our Journey that is the sole interest of our Soul.

Who we meet on our Yellow Brick Road is a reflection of who we are Being. This allows us, on reflection, to choose to continue being who we are or to change who we are Being for the Better.

Better, Being Better, Becoming Better is attained through the expansive spiritual development and growth of our Self in co-operation with our Soul.

Our Destiny is to follow our Yellow Brick Road by seeing the Vision that illuminates our Path and knowing the purpose for choosing this individual, unique and exclusive journey that we call our Life.