The Vicious Circle

We believe what we see and experience. Each experience is a drama that creates our belief system.

The reality of a drama becomes our belief in the truth. Our truth or what we believe to be true is what we focus our thought and attention on.

What we focus our attention on becomes the reality that we attract, thus re-inforcing our belief that it is our truth.

Without drama there would be no experience and no different perspective of life.

Each drama creates our experience of life, which becomes our personal perspective, our belief in reality, and our truth.

We believe what we see and experience and we attract and experience what we believe to be our truth as we see it.

Dramas create beliefs and beliefs create the polarity of positive and negative emotion.

Emotion is how we feel about a drama based on our beliefs or our perspective of reality.

Negative experiences create negative beliefs that create negative feelings that are called emotional needs.

Dramas create beliefs, that create emotional needs, that create dramas, in order to fulfil the emotional need.

Emotional needs are the result of an apparent loss of connection to our power created by a false belief that disconnects us from our authority.

Our loss of authority is caused by our perspective of a past experience that became our truth in our reality. We lose our authority to a belief when we are unaware of the Absolute Truth and Reality of our Source.

All dramas are designed to meet our emotional needs but because they are created by a false belief they are unable to connect us to our True Source of Power.