The Value of Confident Esteem

We are empowered with Self-worth when we are being the attribute of our highest Self that we value greatest.

We are authorised with Self-confidence when we are allowing our Self to attain the highest choice that is open to us.

We are enabled with Self-esteem when we are doing the best we can do and accepting what we have created as our highest achievement.

We gain Self-worth and personal power with the realisation and approval of who we are being.

We gain Self-confidence and authority when we are allowing to manifest what we know that we have chosen.

We gain Self-esteem and ability with the acceptance that the reality we are in has been created by our Self.

With the Value of Confident Esteem, we can be, have and do whatever we choose.

To experience Self-worth, we must first give up the pursuit of money and power over others.

To discover Self-esteem, we must first give up the pursuit of status and material possessions.

To explore Sef-confidence, we must first give up the pursuit of knowledge through rational education of science and theology.

Our true power of Self-worth is the attribute of who we are Being.

Our true authority of Self-confidence is what we Have attained.

Our true ability of Self-esteem is the skill of what we are Doing.