The Soul's Gifts to its Self

The Soul offers guidance and direction to its Self via revealed messages of revelation.

The Soul offers support and clarity to its Self via inspired feelings of inspiration.

The Soul offers authenticity and presence to its Self via intuitive genius and imagination.

The Soul’s revelations give authority and self-confidence to its Self.

The Soul’s inspirations give power and self-worth to its Self.

The Soul’s intuitive genius give ability and self-esteem to its Self.

The Self discovers wisdom from the force of the Soul’s Authority.

The Self explores wealth through the magnitude of the Soul’s Power.

The Self experiences health via the potential of the Soul’s Ability.

 The Self knows the Fulfilment of the Soul’s Light.

The Self feels the Joy of the Soul’s Love.

The Self sees the Contentment of the Soul’s Life.

The Soul presents its gifts (presents) to its Self in each and every present moment of time.

The Self is required to be present with presence to receive these gifts from its Soul.