The Soul's Choice

The Soul’s choice is neither good nor bad. It just is our Soul’s choice.

When we are totally accepting of our Soul’s choice, we know that whatever is in our reality our Soul has allowed it for our higher development and expansive learning.

Our Soul will never allow anything in our life that is not for our higher good.

Many occurrences, situations and circumstances may appear to the Self to be either good or bad, wanted or not wanted, but this is just a subjective view of the Self that has no knowledge of the objective view of the Soul.

Our Soul always knows the objective of each life lesson or drama that we attract to our Self. Our soul knows that we will continue to attract the same drama until we learn the lesson that the drama has to offer us and we change our perspective accordingly.

When we shift our perspective, we change our view of our reality and we change our reality.

We are on a journey of exploring and experiencing life to discover what we want and what we don’t want. This is the game of good and evil.

Our Soul chooses for us to play the game of ‘good and evil’ and the game of ‘life and death’ in our search for the ultimate ‘Game of Life’.

The Soul plays the Game of Life in Absolute Reality and its one desire is for the Self to join the Soul in a celebration of Life.

One thought on “The Soul's Choice

  1. Melanie

    My Soul has made a choice.
    My Self is saying “What?! Why? & When?”. But…
    My Self trusts my Soul.
    So I excitedly & peacfully allow, approve, & accept my Souls choice.

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