The Soul & the Self

All Souls are identical. All souls have the same identity, the same vision, the same purpose and the same values. All souls belong to the Oneness of Divinity in an absolute realm beyond the distinction of differences.

The Self is the ability to be different. The Self is a three part Being that has a unique heart, an exclusive ego, and an individual sub-conscious id. This allows the Self to create difference from sameness. The Self is a reflection of its Soul in relative dual reality.

The soul and the self are a duality. When we believe that the heart and soul are a duality, we lose the essence of our Soul. Heart and soul are not the power and authority of the Self.

The heart is the power of the self; the id is the authority of the self; and the ego is the ability of the self. When all three come into harmony the Soul becomes undivided in Oneness, which is the triality of the Self.

When the Soul is divided in duality it becomes a reflection of its Self. In absolute reality, the Soul is the Identity of Divine Oneness.

The collective name for ‘All Souls’ in their state of being either souls or selfs is ‘God’. God has no distinction between souls and selfs. In the eyes of God there is no duality only Divine Oneness.

It is the Self that has a distinction between itself and god, and itself and its soul. The Soul has no distinction between itself and God.

The identity of the Soul is Oneness, Identicalness, Sameness, or Likeness. The identity of the Self is unique, exclusive, and individual, defined by its character, personality and skills, created from its attributes, attainments and abilities.

The Soul of Man is created in the ‘likeness’ or ‘image’ of God. Man then created his Self, or him/herself, in what he/she imagined god to be like.

Whereas the Soul is the image of God, the Self is the image of Man as man imagines his/her Self to be.

Man’s imagination is unique, exclusive and individual to his/her Self. Because we create what ever we can imagine we create a unique, individual and exclusive reality for our Self to experience, explore and discover.

Our Self is a reflection of whatever our Soul can imagine we can Be. The challenge for our Self is to choose the inspired revelations of an imaginary Soul.