"The Son of Man"

“The Son of Man” is the symbol of the “Way of Love”.

The Way of Love is Oneness, without division by gender.

The Son of Man represents the absence of gender. It signifies the unity of both the male and female gender of our energy.

Pure Love is not divided by male or female gender.

Jesus (who was male by sex) was united in the gender of his energy. His energy was both male and female. He was in Holy Communion with him self.

The Son of Man has an undivided spirit. The Spirit is whole or Holy.

The Holy Communion of the Spirit is the attainment of the Sons of Man.

Holy Matrimony is the communion of a male energy with a female energy, who are united together in the Spirit of Oneness and Love called Intimacy.

Sex is the joining together physically of two sexual bodies.

Intimacy is the union of male and female energy becoming Pure Love.