The Same Difference

The paradox of human existence is that we are all the same, yet we are all different.

From a physical perspective, we are all the same, we are all human Beings, yet we are all different personalities and characters.

From a spiritual perspective, we are all the same and originate from the singularity of Oneness. Yet we all identify with a different vision, mission and purpose, as our authority and choice for this life-time.

The paradox of being the same but different is echoed by the paradox that is the Nature of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states that “Like energy is drawn unto itself”. Like or same energy attracts like or same energy.

Paradoxically “opposites attract” also.

Opposing energies attract because every ‘same’ energy has a different gender and a different polarity.

It is normal to feel energy as either a male perception or a female perception, because all emotions are divided by their gender.

It is possible to know energy from either a positive or a negative perspective, because all thoughts are divided by their polarity.

In this dual reality world, our thoughts and emotions are relative to the gender and polarity of the energy that we are both transmitting and receiving as thoughts and emotions.

It is the different intensities of the same energy, created by the choice of gender and polarity, that allows Human Beings, with the same original Identity, to have differing characters and personalities.

It is the gender of our emotions that emotes our relative personality, and the polarity of our thoughts that makes the character and the role that we are playing become believable.

Without a different gender, polarity and intensity to our energy, we would all be One and the Same.