The Participator, The Spectator, & The Observer

The spectator is one who watches the participator.

The spectator and the participator are a duality and a human drama.

We have a choice as to whether we participate in life or whether we become a spectator and watch others participate in life.

Participants take part in the action, whereas spectators only watch.

Participating or spectating is the choice of the ego self and is dependent on the emotional needs and limiting beliefs of the individual.

It is only our fears and limiting beliefs that stop us participating in life and become a spectator.

Whether we participate or just watch, we are following our fate.

The Divine Choice of our Soul and Inner coach is to ‘Observe’ (objectively serve).

The role of the ego self is to subjectively serve (sub-serve).

The Soul is the Observer of the Self, whether the Self chooses to spectate or partcipate.

The Soul is always there to Observe the Self and to Objectively serve the Self in all moments of Time.