The Overcomer

The Overcomer is the one who overcomes the paradox of dual reality existence.

We live in a world of opposing opposites.

In this relative world, all things are relative to their opposing opposite reality.

The role of the Overcomer is to experience the extremes of all dualities and to find the balance.

The Overcomer brings both ends of a duality together, in unison, and eliminates the duality and the paradox.

The Overcomer finds the Third Way out of the dilemma of dual reality existence.

When confronted with two choices, the Overcomer always takes the third choice, which is Divine.

The Overcomer knows that Divinity is a triality of the Holy Trinity and involves no duality, whilst defining the Oneness of Singularity.

The Overcomer knows that the Oneness is from whence we came and the Triality of Threeness is where we are going.

Triality is the ‘trial’, the ‘quest’ and the ‘destiny’ of the Overcomer.