The Need for Order

The Need for Order is created by the belief that chaos exists.

Chaos Theory substantiates the belief that chaos is real.

Order & chaos are a duality of relative existence.

In the midst of chaos, I will need order.

The order I choose is determined by my Self.

The chaos that I experience is created by my Self.

The more that I try to put my life in order my self, the more chaos I create, and the more order I will need.

The only order that I need to follow is my path and the only order that I need is to follow my path.

Following the order or the orders of other people will take me off my own path onto another’s path.

Following someone else’s path will lead to chaos because it has no order for my Self, being neither ordered nor authorised.

My Soul provides an orderly path for my Self; I am authorised to follow it, but I am not ordered to follow it; I have to choose it as myself.

There is no chaos on my effortless path and no order is needed when I accept that everything is always provided on time in Divine Order.

Once I accept that no order is required I no longer have a need for order.

2 thoughts on “The Need for Order

  1. Sam


    Would you be able to tell me who wrote ‘the Need for Order’ 1st October entry please? I’d like to quote a couple of lines in my college work, and I’d like to reference the author.



  2. theinnercoach Post author

    All daily entries on The Inner Coach Blog are the original work of Keith Collins – Life Coach.

    Please feel free to use whatever you require for non-commercial purposes.

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