The Nature of the Universe

God and the Universe are One.

The Universe is naturally Attractive.

Attraction is the Nature of the Universe.

Attraction is the Nature of God.

Nothing is more Attractive than God (Divinity).

It is the Nature of the Universe that Like Energy is drawn unto itself.

It is the Nature of God that everything that is Divine will return to God.

The Nature of the Universe is Energy.

Energy takes a different form depending on its wavelength, frequency and vibration.

Similar wavelengths frequencies and vibrations are attracted to each other.

Matter is energy vibrating very slowly.

The attraction of matter to matter is called Gravity and is known to be a Universal Force of Attraction.

The Attraction of non-physical energy cannot be detected with our physical senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or touching.

To spiritually sense how like energy is attractive requires us to know our thoughts, feel our emotions and see with our imagination.

We are required to see, know and feel the existence of space-time-reality that is the fundamental Nature of our Universe.