"The Meaning of Life"

The meaning of Life is what ever meaning we give it.

We define Life by the meaning that we give to it.

There is not one meaning to Life, as Life has a different meaning for everyone.

Everyone sees Life from their own personal perspective and gives their own meaning to it.

Whatever meaning that we give to Life manifests as our perspective of Life and is created as our own reality in Life.

When the meaning of Life is to find the balance in Life, the balance becomes the mean and the mean becomes the meaning of Life.

When the meaning of Life is the reason for Life, it means that the Self is here for a reason and a purpose.

When the meaning of Life is the purpose of Life, we can start to live Life ‘on purpose’.

Once we know we are here for a purpose we can discover, explore and experience our Soul’s Vision for this Life-time.

When I am living in a world where everyone is in control of their own power, their own authority and responsible for their own actions, I am living my Vision and Life will have meaning for me.