The Law of Non-attraction

The Law of Non-attraction states that:

“Energy is divided by its frequency & wavelength.”

This means that emotional states of Being are differentiated by their energy vibration.

In Absolute Reality there is no division and no separation – All is One.

In the state of Being in Absolute Oneness, everything is attracted to everything and nothing is attractive because there is nothing else to Attract.

In the Realm of Divided Relative Dual Reality, the law of non-attraction allows separation and division, which allows opposing energetic states to be, which allows choice to exist.

Without the law of non-attraction, attraction and choice cannot exist.

Like energy can only be drawn unto itself once it has become separate and divided and the possibility of it being non-attractive exists.

Without non-attractive energy, which allows individually different thoughts, there would only be One Thought, which is no thought at all.

We cannot choose to be Attractive without first experiencing being non-attractive.

Without different frequencies, wavelengths and vibrations of energy, unique thoughts and choice could not exist.

This also means that material states of being are differentiated by the energetic vibration of their atomic particles, which means that without the law of non-attraction, the physical reality of a material world could not exist in time & space for us to discover, explore and experience with those thoughts.

The law of non-attraction allows both life and the continuation of an expansive life to become a physical reality.