The Journey

We are all on the same journey, yet following different life paths.

We are all on a Journey to:

  1. Experience our fate.
  2. Awaken to our destiny.
  3. Bring our vision into reality.

The Journey of Jesus is called “Easter” and tells of his:

  1. Crucifixion or fate on the Cross.
  2. Resurrection or awakening to his destiny.
  3. Ascension or the creation of his vision of Heaven on Earth.

Dante called his Journey “A Divine Comedy”, which took him:

  1. Through the Inferno of his fate in Hell.
  2. Through the Purgatory of his awakening.
  3. To the Paradise of his Heaven on Earth.

All Journeys commence from the Absolute Realm of Oneness as an incarnation into the Relative world of our fate in dual reality. Then follows an awakening to the existence of Spirit and a realisation of the triality of the Holy Trinity that creates the  Kingdom of Heaven as an experience on Earth.