The Illusion of Attraction

Attraction is the nature of the Universe.

The Universe is created through thought.

Whatever we focus our thought on we attract into our reality.

The illusion is that attraction isn’t real.

We live in a world of illusion because of the time lapse between the moment of our thought and its manifestation into physical reality.

The Nature of Reality is that like energy is drawn unto itself.

What takes time and focus is turning a thought into physical matter.

Physical Reality is subject to Time & Space.

The Reality of Space evolves over Time.

Our physical reality didn’t manifest instantly, it evolved and is evolving as the consequence of our thoughts about our physical world.

Our conscious perception is a reflection of our conscious thoughts.

As our conscious thought is less than 10% of our total Consciousness, and our total thoughts, we are only consciously attracting our reality for less than 10% of the time.

This gives the illusion of the Law of Attraction being an illusion.

When the 10% of our consciousness (our ego Self) aligns with the other 90% of our consciousness (our Soul), inspired creative manifestation becomes miraculously instantaneous.

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