The Holy Trinity of the Ancient Greeks

The modern Greek Orthodox Church follows the Holy Trinity of Christian belief that is the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

The Ancient Greek (Pagan) Philosophers believed in the Holy Trinity of Psyche, Soma & Pneuma.

The Psyche means the Soul and is synonimous with the  Wise Father and the Light of our Authority.

The Soma means the New Born and is synonimous with the Son who is the physical incarnation of the Father, born into the material world and enables our Ability for Life.

The Pneuma means Breath or Breath of Life and is synonimous with the Holy Spirit or Whole Spirit that empowers us and is the Power of our Love.

It is interesting that modern Psychology, which is named after our Psyche or Soul, is in actuality the study of the behaviour of the Self, and not the study of the Soul.

Psychology only becomes the study of the Soul, once the Self and the Soul have become united as One in Holy Communion.

When the sub-conscious ‘Id’ (our physical ego) unites with our super-conscious ‘Entity’ (our spiritual ego), we will experience our True Id-entity.

Both the ancient and modern Greek philosophies hold the secret to Divinity, yet perceive it from different perspectives by defining it in different ways.