The Guardian & The Guide

Our Mind, our sub-conscious Id, is our Guardian.

Our Heart, our super-conscious Entity, is our Guide.

When the Guardian & the Guide unite as One, we operate from our True Identity.

The role of our Guardian is to keep us safe in our travels through the physical world.

The Guardian acts instinctively to ensure our safety, security, comfort and survival.

The role of our Guide is to facilitate our personal development and expansive spiritual growth.

The Guide acts intuitively to give us messages of coincidence and revelation.

When the conscious Self has a dilemma of choice it is because the Guardian and the Guide are in conflict.

The Guide may be advising a path that the Guardian sees as risky or unsafe, which will result in pain and discomfort.

The paradox of life is that when we fail to follow our spiritual path, we automatically confront pain and discomfort.

Whereas our true path always lies beyond our comfort zone, we do not have to encounter pain and suffering to grow spiritually, unless of course we believe that we do.

When the Guardian and the Guide are in conflict, we have a shift to make before we will find the effortless flow of our destiny.