The Essence of Value

We truly value this world when we appreciate it with our spiritual senses.

With our sense of seeing, we create the clearest picture of what we choose to bring into our experience of Life.

With our sense of feeling, we realise the highest awareness of our emotions that we can explore as an aspect of Love.

With our sense of knowing, we manifest the deepest truths of our mind that we can discover as our perspective of Light.

As our spiritual senses appreciate, our value of what we can realise, manifest and create with our sense of seeing, feeling and knowing, becomes more and more apparent.

To explore the value of our inspirational feelings, we must first consciously meet our emotional needs.

To discover the value of our true revelations, we must first challenge our limiting beliefs.

To experience the value of our creative imagination, we must first overcome all the roles and dramas that we are acting out.

Our true essence of value is our appreciation of the expansive world that we can imagine in our mind, reveal in our heart and are inspired to feel in our body.