The Essence of the Soul

To become the Essence of our Soul, our Self is required to learn the senses of the Soul.

Only when the Self has and uses the senses of the Soul will it become the Essence of the Soul and the Soul will become the Essence of its Self.

The Essence of the Soul is the essence of who the Self aspires to become.

For the Soul to experience the physical realm of Earth, the Self is, in essence, required to become the Soul in physical form.

The Soul senses the world emotionally through its ‘feeling’.

The Soul senses the world mentally  through its ‘knowing’.

The Soul senses the world physically through its ‘seing’.

When the Self sees, feels and knows its Self spiritually in the physical world, it becomes the Essence of its Soul.

We develop physically using our 5 physical senses and we grow spiritually by using our 3 spiritual senses.

Learning and using our 3 spiritual senses is ‘essential’ to becoming the Essence of our Soul.