The Ego

The Ego is our Conscious Self. It is our conscious sense of who we believe that we are.

We sense our physical ego with our 5 physical senses, when we believe that we are a physical being, being human.

When we know that we are a spiritual being in physical existence, we sense our spiritual ego with our 3 spiritual senses of seeing, feeling and knowing.

With our spiritual senses we become self-aware and we awaken to the essence of our ego Self.

The role of the ego is to follow our path of personal spiritual development and growth.

Ego is an acronym for Energetic Growth Opportunity, when we use our physical and spiritual senses together in unison.

The unawakened ego will remain in conflict between its guide and its guardian, pulled between the instinct of the Id and the intuition of the Entity.

The awakened ego knows that it is not its journey to choose between the guide and the guardian, but to unite them as co-operators of the Ego.

When its heart and mind are of one accord, the ego knows its vision, feels its purpose, and sees its mission in Life.

It is not our destiny to transcend or transform the Ego, but to choose with conscious-awareness who are Ego Self Is, and then experience that as the highest version of who we can be.