The Duality of Energy

Duality means Dual Reality.

Dual Realities are created by the paradox of opposing perspectives.

Opposing perspectives are an illusion of dual reality.

Pure Energy is Love. Pure Love is never in opposition.

Opposing realities are a feature of the relative world of duality.

When Pure Energy appears to be opposing in reality, it creates the false belief that opposites attract.

The attraction of opposites is an illusion of duality.

The Law of Attraction clearly states that “Like energy is drawn unto itself”.

Duality is created when Pure Energy is divided by its intensity.

The intensity of our energy creates the intensity of our Life.

The intensity of energy is created by the duality of its gender and polarity.

Polarity creates the duality of energy appearing to flow in either a positive or a negative direction depending on our personal perspective.

Gender creates the duality of energy appearing to form with either a male or female clarity of personal perception.

The intensity of Life that is created by the duality of energy allows choice.

With choice, Life becomes either a problem to solve or to fear, or an opportunity to explore, discover and experience.