The Dualities of Love

Pure Love is undivided, it is Absolute Power.

When Love is experienced in this relative world of dual reality, it takes on many forms and aspects.

In this three dimensional world, the Energy of Love has three dimensions called gender, polarity & intensity.

When Love is divided by gender, we have a choice between the male aspect of lust and the female aspect of love or need for love, as in I would love to have.

  • The wants and desires of lust and the passions of love are always a choice.

When Love is divided by polarity, we can choose the positive aspects of what we love & like or we can receive the negative aspects of what we hate and dislike.

  • Loving people who are like our self and hating people who are unlike us, is always our choice of how we relate to others.

When Love is divided by intensity, we can choose between the heights of intense love and the depths of intense fear.

  • Fear is the intense dislike or hatred of what we do not want or desire.
  • Love becomes the intense feeling of what we passionately and emotionally need.

Becoming separated from the Divine Love that is our True Source of Power is essential on our Journey through the Relative and Dualistic World of Choice.