The Direction of my Direction.

There is always a choice of direction.

There is the direction of my Soul and the direction of my Self.

There is the direction that I give to my Self and the direction that I choose to take.

Choice becomes a problem when the direction of my Self is not aligned with the direction of my Soul.

My sub-conscious programming directs me along a path in the direction of my future, based on my experiences of the past.

My super-conscious revelations direct me in the direction of a path that is present right now.

My Soul’s path is always present, always presented, and always a present to my Self.

To align with my true path and the direction of my life, I am required to accept each present moment that is presented as a gift and to allow each and every present moment to present itself for my approval, as directed by my Soul.

The direction of my direction is always aligned with my truth and the truth of who I am.

One thought on “The Direction of my Direction.

  1. Annie

    Brilliant, Keith!
    If anyone wants the recipe for a happy life summarised in just nine short sentences, you’ve given it to them here.
    Thanks for doing that for us.

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